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How can you manage legal and regulatory reporting efficiently?

Legal and regulatory reporting requirements are complex and time consuming. Idealease Fleet Services can efficiently and accurately handle your vehicle licensing, registration/permitting, legalization, and fuel tax reporting in the U.S. and Canada.

Our comprehensive Fleet Services are critical to your success. You can count on our responsive Idealease Fleet Services staff to provide the expertise that keeps your business running smoothly—allowing you to focus even more attention on serving your customers and growing your business.

The Idealease Fleet Services Fuel Card saves money and eliminates much of the paperwork for tracking, trip reports, and fuel tax receipts.

Talk to Idealease Fleet Services about our comprehensive services that save time and money. Our employees are the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the transportation industry.

Reporting and Compliance Services

  • Fuel Tax Reporting including IFTA permit/decal procurement, fuel and mileage tax report completion and filing, IRP license credential procurement, and trip report collection and processing. All card transactions are sent electronically to Idealease Fleet Services, eliminating much of the trip report tracking paperwork.
  • Licensing and Registration Services including title processing, Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), Unified Carrier registration for new and renewal units, trip permit processing, and other mandatory compliance functions.
  • Next-day turnaround on Motor Vehicle Reports for 48 states, and one- to three-day turnaround for the nine provinces in Canada.

Fuel Card

  • Accepted at more than 43,000 fueling locations in North America
  • No transaction fees
  • Automates the tracking of fuel tax receipts
  • Real-time online reports show key information such as: mileage per gallon, unauthorized purchases, and fuel purchasing by location and vehicle
  • Access your account online to add or delete cards, set limits on how much fuel can be purchased per transaction, require PIN numbers for each transaction, or allow purchases of oil and/or minor repair items
  • Available to all Idealease customers—including heavy and medium-duty truck fleets

Telematics Services

  • CyntrX fleet tracking system, which is linked to Navistar’s OnCommand™ Connection Remote Diagnostics system.
  • Customer portal allows you to efficiently manage your fleet through an integrated vehicle service monitoring system.

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